Consider a fresh viewpoint on critical topics

Rethinking Faith,
Works & Rewards

Rethinking Faith,Works & Rewards

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Develop a clear understanding of biblical principles of faith, works, and rewards. Understand the issues surrounding what kind and how much faith and/or works are required to obtain future rewards.

Rethinking the Task
(Making Disciples)

Rethinking the Task (Making Disciples)

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Understand the basic biblical principles of making disciples. Christ’s pattern for discipleship, including key passages addressing the process, is the focus.

Rethinking Working Out
Your Salvation

Rethinking Working Out Your Salvation Seminar

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Learn the basic biblical principles to have an effective Christian walk with God and other believers, as well as before the lost world.

Rethinking the Church
(Function & Leadership)

Rethinking the Church (Function & Leadership) Seminar

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Build your knowledge of the basic biblical principles for the functioning church upon which a biblically sound philosophy of ministry and effective methodology of the ministry can be instituted.